What’s Your Parenting Style?

The role of a parent is crucial in the development of a child. Healthy Parenting Tips are very important to comprehend child development. The sub-conscious begins to take shape through the earliest and most subtle memories and experiences. The power of the sub-conscious can therefore be honed right from the beginning to build a mentally fit child. Most complex adult issues can be traced back to their most distant and tender childhood memories. A lot has to do with right parenting.

Much research has gone into configuring healthy parenting tips the world over to arrive at a few unique parenting styles. Knowing which style or a combination of styles to adopt and which ones to avoid can help a parent make the right choices in communicating with their children. To mentally decide on a style, operating loosely within its framework can be considered  parenting tips to make quick moment-to-moment decisions that they are confronted with in real time. 

The inferences drawn over parenting styles are backed by over fifty years of research and millions of sets of data collated. In the 1960s, based on the work of Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, and Stanford researchers Eleanor Maccoby and John Martin, there are 4 unique styles of parenting. Baumrind noticed behavioral patterns among preschoolers which could be attributed to specific kinds of parenting. Extensive studies, analyses, interviews and data gathered also by Macoby and Martin has resulted in these 4 universally applicable parenting tips. 


One of the most effective healthy parenting tips, parents here display high levels of warmth and communication and at the same time exercise the right amount of control. They draw boundaries for the child to operate in and discuss with the child openly about actions and consequences, helping them make correct choices and take responsibility for them at a very early age.

These parenting tips help in building trust and understanding in their little ones. Children of such parents are warm, self-assured, open, curious, energetic, social and can manage themselves very well in any situation. They make steady and reliable adults.


These parents are warm and sweet towards their children. They wish to be their child’s best buddies. The problem here is the lack of rules and firmness. In other words, these parents exhibit high levels of warmth and low levels of control. Everything is free-flowing. There is a lack of direction. The parents who are not involved in positive parenting tips for healthy child development end up taking a mature stance when required and can easily be coaxed by their children to bend rules. A smile or a funny prank can melt their hearts quickly. The children become aware that their parents can be taken for granted. 

Children of such parents grow up to be aggressive, domineering, fall short of self-reliance or self-control, low in social competence and academic excellence. They may even become rebellious and not have any specific goals in life. As a result, they are underachievers. 


One word this parent might often use is ‘Whatever’. They have little or no interest in being a parent. Neither responsive nor attentive, they are low in warmth and control. There is far too much freedom around the child and very little to know how to process this level of emptiness.

Children of such parents end up bottling up emotions, because there is no comfort or communication established between the parent and child over the years. The parent must be aware that the one of the most important parenting tips for them is to pay attention to the child. With nurture missing, children experience internalizing or externalizing their reactions to negative situations far deeper than normal. They had attention issues, and also displayed delinquent behavior. They display low problem-solving abilities and develop into unstable and incapable adults.


These parents display low levels of warmth and high levels of control. They have very high expectations from their child, but are unwilling to listen to them or be flexible to accommodate the child’s perspective. It’s either their way or the highway. This style involves frequent punishments, and almost always results in one-way communication. The parents are of the belief that they are strict disciplinarians and with a no-nonsense attitude which will help their child grow up sooner and take responsibility for their lives quicker than other kids. The parents should practice positive parenting tips for healthy child development.

The real damage here is that they display a steely front bereft of emotions on the outside but on the inside, they are intensely fragile, broken and tired individuals, carrying years of baggage and low self-esteem due to the lack of warmth and understanding of the world outside.

The child becomes anxiety-prone and develops hostility. They are unable to develop decision-making skills, incapable of independent exploration of situations and lack steadiness. Nervousness, delinquency and depression stem from this style of parenting. 

With the right knowledge and understanding and practicing Healthy Parenting Tips, parents can adopt more appropriate behavioral practices and with the passage of time, be rest assured of seeing a confident, compassionate and successful adult in their child.

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