Start Your Business With Kizoi’s ‘Mom Starters’ Program  

Are you one of those determined mothers who is self-motivated and wants to start a business? 

Do you want to unleash your entrepreneurial potential?

Then Kizoi is the place for you to take your first steady steps into the world of entrepreneurship. We are looking to partner with home-based moms and women working in the Early Childhood care and education field to spread awareness and build subscribers for Kizoi Learning Kit through our new ‘Mom Starters’ program.

What is the ‘Mom Starters’ Program, Exactly?

Kizoi launched the ‘Mom Starters’ program to support aspiring women and mom entrepreneurs around the country. This program comprises training and equipping chosen individuals with the resources needed to start a business. It also helps young entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with suitable training, marketing, guidance, and assistance.

With the help of this program, one can start their business with absolutely Zero Investment and learn about a variety of potential business partners in the field of education for their future partnerships.

USPs of The ‘Mom Starters’ Program

Here are the USPs of this program that could make the start of your journey in the business world a lot smoother:

  • Innovative product transforming Early Childhood education.
  • Zero Investment Opportunity to associate with an industry-changing product in Preschool education.
  • Complete marketing support from Kizoi.
  • Training and support from a dedicated Relationship Manager.

Why Choose Kizoi As Your Entrepreneurship Guide?

With our screen-free, home-based learning approach, Kizoi is transforming Early Childhood Education for the better. 

Kizoi is a day-by-day learning program based on 52 theme based modules and organised according to the academic calendar that aids children in fast learning.

To promote this project which we took up to enhance the childhood of the kids worldwide, we are looking for moms who are influencing parenting norms in their own communities, breaking down boundaries and setting new standards. By partnering with us, you will have the opportunity to be one of the first to adopt and promote a new and revolutionary method of learning.

What is Expected of You?

As a partner to Kizoi you will be expected to promote Kizoi learning kits in your local community, create awareness of the product and convince parents to subscribe the program for their children

Partners are not expected to bring any investment to the program. 

Kizoi will be investing in the carefully selected partners by providing them with training and marketing tools like brochures, videos and other creatives to help in their success.

Application Process

The application process is very simple. You start by showing interest and reaching out to us.

Step 1: Application Form

Step 2: Meet us

Step 3: Contract signing

Our ‘Mom Starters‘ program inspires and empowers women and mom entrepreneurs, encouraging them to pursue their dreams of starting a business on their own that they can enter with Zero Investment. Also, this initiative is a no-risk, high-reward strategy with performance-based incentives.

We give all the needed training and marketing support to our partners. There will be videos, images, and promotional offers to assist mothers in establishing themselves in the market.

Join the ‘Mom Starters’ program to begin your journey of self-discovery

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