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Raising Eco-Friendly Kids

Children who are raised conscious of their surroundings by doing eco-friendly activities to learn about the planet also understand and imbibe the power of choice and leadership qualities. Old habits die hard, so the sooner we start eco-friendly activities for kids, the better it is for their future. This can also get pretty enjoyable and a great way to bond with your child. 

Ways to Preserve & Conserve our Environment

  1. Plastic – Help children reduce the consumption of plastic in easy ways. Toddlers may be too small to understand environment-friendly activities and the hazards of plastic, but an easy way would be to start using daily use products that are not made of plastic. You can start with

    Bamboo toothbrushes – You now get ones with colored bristles too. A dash of color is attractive to a child. 

    Soap bars – Switching to soap bars is one of the most fun eco-friendly activities also because children love playing with them and making bubbles from them. This will reduce the consumption of shampoo and shower gel plastic containers.

    Clay or wooden toys – Many parents are helping their children adapt to eco-friendly toys. Explore options online.
  1. A film like Wall-E is a great watch and loved by kids. 
  1. Help them plant a seed into a pot– beans, coriander and watch it grow. The delight they express is pure and refreshing, almost therapeutic for an adult who witnesses it.
  1. A monthly inspection is one of the eco-friendly activities with the kids to check on taps leakage. Turning off taps when not using them – while brushing teeth, or while shampooing hair, showing them how you close the tap while you’re not using the water is a small step toward water conservation.
  1. Littering the Environment – Have you noticed some people throw trash in public – a wrapper, scrap paper, crumpled atm receipts, etc? Well, that’s because they were not taught how not to litter the environment. This habit should be inculcated as early as possible. Chocolate wrappers strewn around the house today could result in the same habit carried over in different ways as an adult. 
  1. Stories – Simple and unique eco-friendly activities for kids like buying them a comic book that teaches them about being eco-friendly is cool and fun is another great way to introduce the concept early. Even if they cannot read, your storytelling with those images in the book is a good imprint in their little minds. Remember how the baby in the film Baby’s Day Out references his storybook to move from one familiar destination to another?

These are a few ways to introduce eco-friendliness and raise eco-conscious children. These tiny eco-friendly activities become habits that shape children into thoughtful adults, who make conscious choices and thereby lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life by planning simple and unique eco-friendly activities for kids. Now, who wouldn’t want that for their kids? It’s something parents who’ve raised them successfully this way are proud of. 

Why is Eco-friendliness Urgent?

  1. At a personal level, eco-friendly activities for kids ensure safety from harmful and sometimes hazardous chemicals. It helps preserve the environment, saving it from air, water, soil, and sound pollution. In other words, it results in ‘Better Health and Better Environment.
  2. A landmark report by UN scientists has been described as a ‘code red for humanity, as it details grim realities such as rising sea levels and more frequent bursts of extreme changes in climate, such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, etc.
  3. A recent survey in the UK which included half a million 14-18-year-olds, suggests people are in favor of policy changes to boost renewable power and sustainable jobs. This is uplifting and the trend must catch up. 

Starting Small Is Effective

The previous generation was unaware of climate change, but today it’s an urgent need. Not that we need eco-anxiety and be harsh with ourselves. Small changes in every household including eco-friendly activities are a great way to begin. One person taking a thousand steps is not as effective as a thousand people taking one significant small step. It’s time to begin in the smallest way possible, as early as we can, for the new generation to build a healthier world. Environment-friendly activities will help in shaping your child’s personality and gain a healthy habit with Kizoi’s learning kits.

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