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hat perfect balance may seem like a forgotten skill in our gadget and internet obsessed society. The root of the matter is rather simple and easily manageable, albeit with a few adjustments.  

To begin with – set priorities!

It does not matter to your child if your next promotion meant more perks and a heftier paycheck and therefore long hours at work or more travel.

Its great if you are entitled to all of that and more, but lets not forget to prioritize goals. Keep a good portion of your time for your family. Spend time observing your child, gently help them grow into emotionally strong adults.

Emotional Empowerment

From a very young age, a child can sense a parent’s mood. It does not matter how rich you are or how many luxuries you can afford or provide. If that were the case, rich children would be happiest.

The key here is to keep them emotionally happy with the right focus and guidance. Warmth and cheer go a long way in creating a positive impact of a tender mind. Think of their minds as absorbent as sponge. What would you like to soak it with? Of course, that does not mean that you give into your child’s every whim!

How do you ensure your child is emotionally healthy?

Remember, it isn’t about an expensive toy you gifted your baby. They lose interest even in the fanciest of them after a while. That sort of joy is a mere dopamine spike!

A great way to start building a healthy child physically and mentally is by creating lasting memories.

What’s more, science backs this theory!  Give them an early experience.

Share a bowl of ice-cream while you bond!

You may have had a busy day and the next morning is no different! Did you (and not the caregiver – spouse, nurse, nanny, relative) get to spend time with your baby?

Here’s what you can do. Children love ice-cream or fruit. Get a bowl of ice-cream or their favourite fruit. Sit with your baby, feed some ice-cream or fruit and allow them to babble away to their heart’s content. Get a conversation going, one that indulges, is fun and induces peals of laughter. Sprinkle in a thought or two. The sub-conscious retains these happy memories and recalls them in the years to come, even well into adulthood.

Help them learn how to give!

Every few months, notice what toys your child has given up using. Declutter your home and help them learn the joy of giving from a very tiny age. Choose a toy or two to donate to someone and make your baby give them away. It might be tough the first time, but they will begin to enjoy the process eventually.

A Family Photo Album

Maintain a family photo album with pictures of children in the family, aunts, uncles, warm homes, picnics and parties. Keep building on it. Children love leafing through them better than their favorite story book.

Before going to bed, spend a few minutes together looking at the pictures. This creates a special bond between your child and you. And it’s the perfect antidote for digital distractions. Make sure your album is in print and not a digital one! Let’s not get lazy on this one!

Picnics and Lunches!

These are must have’s! Pack a picnic hamper and go have a fun picnic at a picturesque spot. You could even go to an amusement park and take the children on a few rides. Take adequate precautions and get them into a pool. A planetarium is another fun place to visit. Your toddler might just doze off, but staring at a galaxy of stars just before the eyelids drooped to sleep is a memory of a lifetime. A zoo is one of the most memorable trips you can ensure for your baby. Help them get acquainted with nature at an early age!

Host a tea party for the toddler gang!

Stir up some excitement! A good way to develop your baby’s ability to bond socially is to call the parents and plan a tea party. Don’t wait for a birthday. You could have a little costume party or play a few games, organise some snacks, and just have some plain, good old fun!

Children love playing with wigs, masks, sunglasses, hair bands, colors etc. Allow them to clown around and express themselves. It’s the perfect way to discover their world!

What exactly are we doing all along?

Remember the key is to have a happy home, a happy family. Indulge, discover and rejoice together. Allow for warmth and expression. Keep the home and hearth happy – its as simple as that!

Finally, more precious than anything else is the time you spend with your children in their formative years and the happy loving memories you create together. Go ahead, that extra push you give yourselves is totally worth it!

we have talked about the different ways that you can make your home a happy home for you and your family. We hope that these tips have been helpful for you and that you can start using some of them for your family and see how they work for you.

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