Learning Kit For 2-3 Years Old Kids

Annual Learning Kit

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KIZOI aims to empower educators and positively impact children by enhancing and enriching their learning experience.

We provide structured learning to preschool children at home with a learning kit for preschoolers. We deliver home learning kits to your doorstep anywhere in the country. This Annual learning kit improves skills in language, numeracy, science, socio-emotional, creative art, and motor skills.

What is included in the Kizoi kit

300+ activity worksheet

Activity worksheets are perfectly curated for early child development and understanding.

100’s of learning videos

Every worksheet has a QR code, which allows the children to reinforce concepts with engaging learning videos.

Exciting worksheets

Activity-based learning with concept-based learning videos created by preschool educators


An extensive colouring book that narrates a story helping the child in dual learning

Screen-free learning

Engaging activities for early childhood development are perfectly incorporated in the Kizoi kit.

Parent-child bonding activities

Quality time with family is the best time to teach your child and with Kizoi kits learning activities it becomes easier

Engaging Learning Activities

Kids enjoy learning with Kizoi kit making knowledge memorable and easy to recollect. Children understand and learn better with interactive activities.

Concept based online library

Early childhood education helps kids learn, incorporate and think critically. Kizoi kits incarnate concept based learning that helps your child get smarter.


Kizoi learning kits make early preschool learning easy and result in better learning outcomes. Kids learn while enjoying activities perfectly designed to keep them interested  in the safe confines of their home.

The Kizoi Learning Kit includes 300+ activity worksheets, 100’s of learning videos, flashcards and storybooks and many other elements that aid in an exciting and effortless learning experience for your child.

Kizoi learning kits aid early child development for 2-6 year old children. Kizoi helps children cope with learning at an age where they can shape their mindset and personalities the most effective way.

Kizoi kit subscription can be cancelled anytime during the period of      subscription or after completion of 30 days. However there are a few terms and conditions applied for cancelling the subscription and refund after 30 days.

Home learning Kizoi kits are the best way of effectively channelising young energy into learning. Kizoi learning kits help children shape their minds and be the leaders of the future.

KIZOI learning kit aims to empower educators and positively impact children by enhancing and enriching their learning experience. The hybrid learning program supports activity-based learning with concept-based learning videos created by preschool educators and specialists.

Step by step subscription process for Kizoi kit:

Step 1: Head to Kizoi website: www.kizoi.in

Step 2: On the top right side click on login/signup.
Step 3: Register with your original details.

Step 4: Place an order and subscribe to the Kizoi learning kit.

Annual Kizoi kit subscription contains 10 kizoi learning kits, one for each month. Every learning kit consists of parent-child bonding activities that make sure every parent is a part of their child’s learning experience. Kizoi kit promotes screen-free learning through monthly kits with activities, worksheets, flashcards and books.

Kizoi has varied payment methods like EMI,  Gpay,  UPI, bank payments on selected brands. Learning with Kizoi kits is easy and the payments are way easier.

Kizoi kits are delivered within 7 to 10 days of placing the order. Happy Learning with Kizoi kits.

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