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Importance of Early Childhood Learning!

Childhood Learning is something that every individual cherishes for their life. When people grow old, they tend to live the memories of their childhood and feel happy.

When we talk about early childhood learning, we generally refer to the development of a child when the child is between the age of 0-8 years. It refers to how a child can actually develop his senses between this age. Early childhood learning is not limited to just looking at the care or your child’s health, it has a bigger image.

At a larger look, early childhood learning also includes early childhood development. Now the question that arises is “What is Early Childhood Development?” Don’t worry, we’ve got an answer for this too. Let’s read and find out the answer to this question and more such questions.

To answer the question, Early Childhood Development basically refers to the period where the child has his or her brain development at its peak and the surroundings highly influence him or her to mould or develop his or her personality. Not just limited to moulding a child’s personality, Early Childhood Development (ECD) also emphasises focusing on the child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development as a whole.

Now that we know what exactly ECD means, let’s now see what the major objective of ECD is. The major objective is to nurture the children in such a way so that till the time they come to the age of schooling i.e. when they turn 4, they completely understand the concept of what schooling is. Not only that, they inculcate the right habits and attitudes so that when they are in school, they understand what they are supposed to do exactly.

Next, when we talk about Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) together, we come across this question “What are the areas of ECCD?” Well, let’s read and try answering this question to ourselves.

ECCD is a process that has various areas of development. The major ones are physical development, cognitive or the ability to see and react to situations development, social and emotional development and also language development.

The last but one of the vital questions that come to our mind when we talk about ECCD is “What is the importance of ECCD?” When we talk about the importance of any concept, we consider various aspects. The same goes with this.

The major aspects why ECCD is important can be listed as:
  1. It gives you a chance to reduce the development problem among your kids and bring in benefits at the individual as well as social level.
  2. When you try to develop your kid at an early age, he stands out to be different from other kids which also makes you feel special and happy.
  3. This age i.e. the 0-8 year span, is the age where you can actually mould your child and teach them to communicate, learn and develop
  4. Investing here can further help to modify the inequalities in society and eventually eradicate them.

So, to conclude, the only bottom line is ECCD is equally important and we can say it is a must to inculcate these small changes and make a difference. Because when we change, only then the world would change. Connect with us to know more –

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